The WCRDE is an internationally renowned accreditation and membership organization for individuals, schools, institutions (colleges), universities, publications & regular, open & distance education community.

WCRDE is supporting all Government Education Systems, Norms, Regulations and Code of Ethics.

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To promote individuals, schools, institutions (colleges), universities, publication and Regular & Distance Education internationally & take whatever measures are necessary to this end.

To promote educational contact between all Universities, schools, institutions (colleges) and all publications electronic and print media.

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Strategic Plan 2018 - 2025


Founded in 15.01.2012, the World Council for Regular and Distance Education (WCRDE) is funded by a grant from the INOC, a Trust Registered with Government of India, other donations and membership fees. Its Secretariat is located in Lucknow, and operates under Indian law.

WCRDE has been and will continue to be a global force for lifelong, open education quality standards and flexible and learning. To meet the new global challenges presented by the knowledge intensive economy and digital transformation, WCRDE has developed this Strategic Plan for the period 2018 - 2025 in a spirit of openness, global collaboration, accountability and transparency.

Developing the Strategic Plan
This Strategic Plan was developed with the involvement of the WCRDE Board Members and INOC Board.

WCRDE's actions are guided by the following values:
WCRDE believes that the needs of the learner must be central and advocates for student success.
WCRDE is focused - WCRDE is a global organization which involves intellectuals in decision-making, in cooperative action and in cooperative problem solving.
WCRDE is transparent - intellectuals are able to follow the activities and decisions of WCRDE.
WCRDE aims for global and gender equality in its structures and activities.
WCRDE believes that education is a universal right and should be available for all with no reservations.
WCRDE is a global non-governmental organization (NGO) having partnership status with International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF with which it shares its key aim - the attainment of quality education for all.

To be the international facilitator for inclusive, flexible, quality learning and teaching in the digital age.

1. To promote Regular and Distance Education opportunity for all internationally and take whatever measures are necessary to this end.
2. To further the acceptance of a wider range of learning modes.
3. To drive innovation and development in flexible educational provision.
4. To provide opportunities for professional interaction globally.
5. To encourage sharing of good practice and knowledge exchange globally.
6. To encourage and support linguistic groups and networks at national, regional and global levels.
7. To encourage ways to incorporate disadvantaged students in all educational provision.
8. To promote intercultural cooperation and understanding between all educational communities and global agencies.
9. To represent the interests of its members at International level with regard to the authorities, other educational Committees, the mass media and the public, in as far as this is not left up to the members.
10. To promote educational contact between all Universities, educational institutions, educational authorities, and individuals and to promote all regular, distance learning, international/national conferences etc.
11. To monitor and ensure the keeping of the existing system-specific rules, to develop a set of standard rules and to draw up an International education Calendar.
12. To encourage all Universities, educational institutions, educational authorities, and individuals can connect in professional communication in the field of flexible education.

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