The WCRDE is an internationally renowned accreditation and membership organization for individuals, schools, institutions (colleges), universities, publications & regular, open & distance education community.

WCRDE is supporting all Government Education Systems, Norms, Regulations and Code of Ethics.

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To promote individuals, schools, institutions (colleges), universities, publication and Regular & Distance Education internationally & take whatever measures are necessary to this end.

To promote educational contact between all Universities, schools, institutions (colleges) and all publications electronic and print media.

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Certification Process

Application Process

Organizations/University/Educational Institutions/Individual members interested in WCRDE's certification services fill out a brief application.

Document Review Process

Document Review is conducted by WCRDE review committee to verify the establishment of documented policies and procedures addressing the requirements of the desired assessment standard and to evaluate organization's readiness for assessment.

Certification/Registration Verification Process

During this formal verification, the WCRDE review committee examine and evaluate the Quality Education Systems (QES) conformance with the requirements of the applicable standard. The duration of the review depends upon specific criteria including, the organization size, scope activities, and number of sites seeking approval. Upon successful conclusion of the evaluation the review committee team concludes their decision to recommend the Organizations/University/Educational Institutions/Individual members for certification.

Certification Issuance

Based upon successful review of WCRDE. The Organizations/University/Educational Institutions/Individual members are eligible for the WCRDE Quality Education Systems (QES) certification and also WCRDE will issues the registration certificate.

Database Inclusion

After the WCRDE Quality Education Systems (QES) certification the Organizations/University/Educational Institutions/Individual members name will be included in the WCRDE database.

Sample Certificates