The WCRDE is an internationally renowned accreditation and membership organization for individuals, schools, institutions (colleges), universities, publications & regular, open & distance education community.

WCRDE is supporting all Government Education Systems, Norms, Regulations and Code of Ethics.

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To promote individuals, schools, institutions (colleges), universities, publication and Regular & Distance Education internationally & take whatever measures are necessary to this end.

To promote educational contact between all Universities, schools, institutions (colleges) and all publications electronic and print media.

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Fees of Accreditation and Membership

Accreditation and Membership fees for the calendar year*:

Accreditation & Membership Category
Accreditation & Membership Status
 (A). University Accreditation
(Regular Campus)
WCRDE/QES 9001 USD $ 2500
 (B).University Accreditation
WCRDE/QES 9002 USD $ 750
 (C). Educational Institutions Accreditation
(all higher educational institutions, and colleges)
WCRDE/QES 9003 USD $ 750
 (D). School Accreditation
(primary, secondary and higher secondary schools)
WCRDE/QES 9004 USD $ 500
 (E). Publication/Periodical Accreditation
(all electronic and print media)
WCRDE/QES 9005 EM- USD $ 750 / PM- USD $ 500
 (F). Individual Accreditation
(all professors/lecturers/teachers)
WCRDE/QES 9006 USD $ 350
 (G). Computer Education Institutions Accreditation WCRDE/QES 9007 USD $ 750
 (H). Medical Institutions Accreditation WCRDE/QES 9008 USD $ 750
 (I). Laboratories Accreditation WCRDE/QES 9009 USD $ 250
 (J). Sports Education Institutions Accreditation WCRDE/QES 9010 USD $ 750

1. Institutions from low-income are eligible for 25% discount. The Institution have to reqeust and submit supporting documents to consider by management, depending on elibility of the Institutions.
2. WCRDE have full right to upgrade fees structure any time as decide by management.

The Payment Options : -

Cash Deposit in Punjab National Bank

You can pay your annual membership fee by depositing cash in any of the Punjab National Bank, branch which is CBS enabled, but depositor has to confirm to the WCRDE Office by sending e-mail at  info@wcrde-edu.org about their payment of the Annual Membership Fee.

Kindly send "cash Deposit" (E-Slip) to the below WCRDE Office Address or e-mail at  : info@wcrde-edu.org , fill your details in e-mail, which includes, name, address, tel, fax, e-mail and cellphone Number. Payment  received will be updated at WCRDE after 48 hrs.

Payment by Cheque:

Bank Details:
You may deposit the Cheque in our Punjab National Bank, account in the name of : "World Council For Regular & Distance Education"
Punjab National Bank, a/c number : 2408000150174594
Branch name: Lalbagh, Lucknow-226001, (U.P.) India.

Bank Transfer (within India):

Details for Wire transfer:
Account Number: 2408000150174594
IFSC Code: PUNB0240800
Bank Name: Punjab National Bank
Bank Address: : Branch name: Lalbagh, Lucknow-226001, (U.P.) India.
Account Name: " World Council For Regular & Distance Education "

International Wire Transfer:

Account Number: 2408000150174594
Bank Name: Punjab National Bank
Bank Address: Branch name: Lalbagh, Lucknow-226001, (U.P.) India
Account Name: " World Council For Regular & Distance Education"

Here you can "PAY-ONLINE" now :