The WCRDE is an internationally renowned accreditation and membership organization for individuals, schools, institutions (colleges), universities, publications & regular, open & distance education community.

WCRDE is supporting all Government Education Systems, Norms, Regulations and Code of Ethics.

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To promote individuals, schools, institutions (colleges), universities, publication and Regular & Distance Education internationally & take whatever measures are necessary to this end.

To promote educational contact between all Universities, schools, institutions (colleges) and all publications electronic and print media.

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Supervisory Committee of WCRDE

TThe WCRDE's Board consisting of the following members:-


Prof. Dr.Mohammed Seraj Ansari

Professor Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI has a distinguished career in India; His areas of specialization include sport ethics, sport law, and the sociology of sport. He has authored numerous scholarly articles on various sport management topics and is a regular presenter at several major international conferences in the sports field.
Professor Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI has authored and co-authored many books. He is an Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Management and Science and Non-Olympic Times. Furthermore Professor Dr. ANSARI is a much sought-after international speaker on the Sports Management and Physical Education. He was the Keynote speaker at the 1st International Congress on Sports Karate, the 5th World Congress of Super Cricket and the 1st World Congress of Management and Science in India along with this he also explores the downside of sports as big business and he too undertakes many international business companies that has good infrastructure an extensive global network in all over the world. He is also a Founder & President-International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC (www/non-olympic.org) & President-International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF (www.nobelpeaceforum.org) and good relation with world sports leaders and also with governments, public institutions and corporations, and private individuals on a worldwide basis. Professor Dr. ANSARI has maintains a wide-ranging personal network of contacts and is very well informed about current trends in globalization and major issues of the world.

Key research :
Sport Management and Sciences aspects of performance enhancement.
Social Career :
  1. President-International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum - INPPRF
  2. International Member (Elected) AMNESTY INTERANTIONAL-LONDON-UK.
  4. Chairman-Indian Textiles & Handicraft Exports Promotion Organization (ITHEPO)
  5. President-Indian Momin Ansar Weavers Council
Sports Career :
  6. 6. President-Indian Super-Cricket Federation (ISCF)
Print Media :
  1. Editor-In-Chief - The Non-Olympic Times
  2. Editor-In-Chief - Journal of Management and Science
Business Involvement:
  1. Chairman & Managing Director -ISE Cards India Ltd.
  2. CEO-Meraj Distributors-MD (Exports and Imports Company)
  3. Director -Meraj Realty & Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd
  4. Managing Director -Buktel Communications Pvt; Ltd
  1. Award : Prakrati Ratna Award-2004
  2. Acharya Vishnugupt "Charakkaya" Manavadhikar Award-2006
  3. . International Who's Who Historical Society (Top Professional of the World) Award-2007-2008

Dr. Mohsen Mehralizadeh

Dr. Mohsen Mehralizadeh, Former Vice-President of Iran and Head of the Physical Education Organization. Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering, Tabriz University, 1974-1977 MS in Mechanical Engineering, Tabriz University, 1977-1983 Ph.D. in Economic Engineering (pending presentation of dissertation), Tilburg University,1997

Work Experience:

Founder of the Construction Jihad Organization, East Azerbaijan Province, 1979-1981 Regional Commander of the Islamic Revolution's Guards Corps, 1979-1981 Member of the Board of Directors and Acting Managing Director of SAIPA Car Manufacturing Group, 1982-1984 Member of the Khodro Group and Industrial and Operational Manager of Khodro Group of the Organization for Development and Renovation of Industries, 1984-1985 Deputy for Industries and Exploitation of Minister of Heavy Industries and Member of the Board of Directors of the Organization for Development and Renovation of Industries(IDRO), 1985-1990 Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Kish Development Organization, 1990-1992 Deputy for Power Plants of the Atomic Energy Organization, 1993-1995 Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Shahed Investment Company, 1995-1997 Khorasan Province Governor General, 1997-2001 Vice-president of I.R Iran and Head of the Physical Education Organization, 2001 till 2005. President of International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation , 2004 till present.

Major Initiative at Executive Posts:

Designing and executing the project for assembling Nissan 2000 vans at SAIPA Car Manufacturing Company, 1982 Initiating the leisure and sport facility of Kish and holding of sports competition, 1991-1992 Founding member of the Association of Mechanical Engineers of Iran, 1987 Founding member of the World Agency Against Doping (WADA), 2001 Political and Religious Record: Member of the Central Council of the Cultural Revolution at Tabriz University, 1979

Vice President

Goolam Cader Ally

GOOLAM CADER ALLY, full of creativity, is a legendary figure in the world of Fitness, health and wellness promotion and is one of the most popular figures in the Republic of Mauritius who pioneered multiple sports discipline. He is the first Mauritian in the African Continent to have brought the sports of Body Building, Fitness, Aerobics, Armsports, Woodball, Floorball at international level in Mauritius and is the founder of IFBB-Mauritius and the International Body Force Federation (IBFF) . As a professional event creator, organizer, animator, artist, writer, composer and singer, he holds distinguished positions in various international bodies and is very much involved in many Socio-cultural activities. After a long career as secondary school Teacher, he invested himself fully in these fields as a patriot and also founded the SENA (Sports/Social Education Nationwide Association) to make sports and Socials and education to the nation which he wants to promote all over the world through the INOC (International Non-Olympic Committee), within which he is an International Sports Observer (ISO). Goolam cader Ally, National Federation President, Chairman of the African Indian Ocean Body Building and Sports and Vice-President of the African Federation of Body Building and Official representative of the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness ( IFBB ) and International Aerobics Federation of Japan ( IAF)

Secretary General

Thiyagu N.Nagaraj, M.Com (IB)., (M.B.A).,(Ph.D.)

iThiyagu Nagaraj, M.Com (IB)., (M.B.A).,(Ph.D.) is one of the nation's leading experts in sports and he also have research knowledge which is covered in the aspects of management, marketing and sports. He is also Assistant Secretary of the International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) and Director General for International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF. Furthermore he also published research paper in reputed international and national journals.

Sports Career :
  1. Assistant Secretary-International Non-Olympic Committee(INOC)
  2. General Secretary-International Super-Cricket Committee(ISCC)
  3. General Secretary - World Sports Karate Federation(WSKF)
  4. Secretary General- Association of Sports Karate India(ASKI)
  5. National Secretary-Floorball Federation of India(FFI)
  6. National Secretary -Indian Super-Cricket Federation (ISCF)
  7. National Director Chief Instructor- Ogasawara-Ha Shorinji-Ryu Karate(JAPAN)
  8. International Member - International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association and World Seishin Budo Organization-Great Britain
  9. Representative and Member - Martial Arts Olympic Organization-Iran
  10. Ambassador - Martial Arts Association International-Germany
Print Media :
1. Publisher and Chief Reporter - The Non-Olympic Times
Director General

Ummi Khanam

Ummi Khanam is MCA (Master Computer Application), she is National secretary General of Floorball Federation of India, and Chairperson of ISCC Women Super-Cricket Committee, she has spend enormous contribution in sports administration nationally as well as internationally too, she is Director of International Student Exchange Cards India Limited, department of human Resource Development.

She has visions to do the best in her life, in the fields of Sports and Education, she is Deputy Vice-Chancellor of International Non-Olympic University.

Joint Secretary

Bijay kumar Shaw

I AM BIJAY KUMAR SHAW KNOWN IN MARTIAL ARTS AS HANSHI VIJAY SHAW OR LIKE SHIHAN VIJAY SHAW, ASSOCIATION OF SPORTS KARATE INDIA (INOA) National Vice-Chairman: Hanshi Vijay Shaw World Budo Federation,ASIAN MEMBERS UNMA ASIAN MEMBER (United Nations Martial Arts ASIAN MEMBER - ISDF International Self Defense Federation ASIAN MEMBERS - Karate Shinkakuto Jutsu INDIA REPRESENTATIVE FOR RYUKYUKAN SHORINRYU KARATE FEDERATION, Japan World Sports Karate Federation (INOC) 1st Vice President & also connected to mission of International / National Non Olympic Committee.

Executive Member

Maulana Junaid Ahmed

Maulana Junaid Ahmed, hailing from Banaras is an eminent and revered member of various social organizations and Islamic bodies having a history of recognitions and affiliations. Maulana happens to be an active member of the following bodies which have been constantly recognizing his valuable efforts and association.
He is Hon'ble Chancellor of International Non-Olympic University-INOU, and he holds the chair of President of Maulana Azad Academy, New Delhi.
Chairman, Madrasa Darul Uloom Imdadia and Rightway Educational & Welfare Trust, Mumbai
He is the working National President of All India Momin Conference and National President of Markazi Jamat E- Ulama E- Hind, headquartered in New Delhi. National Patron of All India Momin Ansar Welfare Society-AIMAWS
Maulana Junaid also has had the privilege to be the Imaam Eid-ain of the Shahi Jama Masjid, Gyanvapi,Varanasi. He also acts as the Spokesperson to the Anjuman Intezamia Masajid, includinh the Shahi Jama Masjid, Gyanvapi, Varanasi.
Long since1984 to 2002 Junaid Sahab has been delivering religious speeches which were broadcasted on AIR. So much so that many of his lectures have been aired at an international level, on BBC, London.
Having a strong view point for the upliftment of the Indian Muslim Backward classes and incessant efforts to unite these varied sections of the community for their betterment has been a driving force for him. It is to this that Maulana Junaid has accredited various felicitations and been revered across all sections of the society on a national as well as international level.

Executive Member

Mohammed Meraj

Mr. Mohammed Meraj has had a distinguished career at Lucknow, India an international business companies that has good infrastructure an extensive global network in all over the world. As a First Founder Member of Indian Non-Olympic Association-INOA and good relation with world sports leaders and also with governments, public institutions and corporations, and private individuals on a worldwide basis, Mr. Meraj has maintains a wide-ranging personal network of contacts and is very well informed about current trends in globalization and major issues on the World Sports, Social, Politics, Human Rights etc.

Mr. Meraj is President of Supervisory Committee of International Non-Olympic University-INOU, Member, ISCC Code of Conduct Commission, Executive Member-International Super-Cricket Committee, Chairman- SCC Development Committee, Member- ISCC Code of Conduct Commission. He is Director of International Student Exchange Cards India Limited, department of finance. And Managing Director, Meraj Realty & Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.

Executive Member

Ruved Kamal Kidwai

Mr. Ruved Kamal Kidwai has completed Master of Laws (LL.M) in 2010, LL.B from Lucknow University in 2003, Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION :Bachelor of Science from Lucknow University in 2000.

Experience : 2003 - Since 2003 working as a advocate and having experience in Service, Civil, Criminal, Consumer, Nature cases and International Law.

2007-2010 - Having working experience as a Advocate Commissioner in Debts Recovery Tribunal, Lucknow and handled different cases of Attachment of Mortgage Property, Proclamation for sale as well as Auction of mortgage properties also. Working Experience as a as a Amicus Curie in District Court, Lucknow. Since 2010 working as legal Adviser with an extreme organization as International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC as well as Indian Non Olympic Association-INOA. Since 2011 working as legal Adviser for Floorball Federation of India.

Executive Member

Allen Phee Kian Seng

I have been an Executive Committee member with various Sports and Administration organizations, Schools Disciplinary Committee and Community Grassroots institutions affiliated to the Government Ministries. A businessman by profession and have been in the HR and Sales establishments for many years. Always active in the promotion of sports activities & Education with coordination.

Executive Member

Mohammad Sarfaraz ANSARI

Mr. Mohammed Sarfaraz ABSARI has had a distinguished career at Lucknow, India an international business companies that has good infrastructure an extensive network. As a Founder Secretary General of Indian Super-Cricket Federation-ISCF and good relation with sports leaders and also with governments, public institutions and corporations, and private individuals, Mr. ANSARI has maintains a wide-ranging personal network of contacts and is very well informed about current trends in globalization and major issues on the World Sports, Social, Politics, Human Rights etc.

Mr. ANSARI is Finance Officer International Non-Olympic University-INOU, Former Secretary General of Woodball Federation of India He isDirector of International Student Exchange Cards India Limited, department of finance. And Director, Meraj Realty & Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.

Executive Member

Col. Anil Avasthi

A thorough professional soldier of Indian Army, have hung my uniform in 2011.After having given in 33 years of color service to the country the Idea of serving the countrymen has taken prominence. For sake of continuity and In Pursuit of Excellence I have since developed a conglomerate of Ex -Servicemen in order to tap and channelize this immense source of fully trained, dedicated and devoted workforce for the betterment of society as a whole.

       As on date I hold the Directorship of under mentioned companies:-

  2. ICEJET Pvt Ltd
  4. PACENET Pvt Ltd

Sports and Education had been an integral and day today charter through out, with fairness, Equality and Sportsmen spirit being the central themes

I am honored on being part of such an Elite Organization and would endeavour to come up to the Expectations and Goals set.

Executive Member

Mohammad Solaiman Sikder

Solaiman Sikder was born in 28th January 1976, Soriatpur district of Bangladesh. Solaiman Sikder introduced Original Taekwon-Do in Bangladesh on be help of Gen. Choi Hong Hi and floorball on be help of Mr.Mohammed Seraj Ansari. Solaiman Sikder is living in Dhaka from the 1978.He Married at 2003. Adam Mohammad Yesha is only one son of Solaiman Sikder. He led several sports in Bangladesh.

Executive Member

Oluwatosin Francis

I am a great visionary willing to raise great leaders, an agent of hope and change. I am determined to succeed not alone but along with everyone associated with me. I strongly believe that education is the best policy and everyone should be given a fair chance to have a taste irrespective of their background, race, accessibility, finance or distance to get this. As a leadership visionary, it is important to be a great mentor to the aspiring leaders I want to raise and carry them along the ladder of success through Diligence, Discipline and Determination which is very vital in learning. Together, We can all achieve the vision of the institution, be successful together and win win win. Its all about us. So help me God.

Executive Member

Raja Waseem Arshad Minhas

By profession I am journalist. I also work for Amnesty International as an International Elected member. In this world some peoples do business, office jobs, Felid jobs, Professional Jobs etc To stay alive. I do only Human Rights to stay alive. I have dedicated my Life to serve others in any way. Helping others is passion of my life .I am doing this for last 8 years. I want to spend my all remaining life for the fight for Human Rights and Human prosperity.

I am a person who is spending every time to help and serve the Humanity. I believe that no religion is bigger than Humanitarian Law. In this way we all have to respects everyone no matter which nation or which religion they belongs.

I have God Gifted Golden heart that I feel so much for poor peoples and for those peoples who become victim of the abuse of Human rights. My wish is that everyone in this world get his rights, every Child get their base Education. Health facilities in poor counties should be better .I want to do more and more work for Human all-around the world.

Executive Member

Yashnar Manqbourny

Myself has had a distinguished career at JSC "METImpex Co Ltd", Russian Federation, an international business companies that has good infrastructure with network in CIS. As a Founder of the Russian Oghuz (Qushany) Community Leader & Private Company "Transoxanian Treasuries LLC", with it`s International Operations around CIS. I maintain a wide-ranging personal network of contacts and is well informed about current trends in globalization and major issues on the World Sports, Social, Politics and Human Rights etc.

Executive Member

Sudesh Kumar Verma

I was Managing Director of a leading publishing house in Delhi- Vitasta Publishing. Before that I worked as a journalist for about 15 years that saw me meander through various organizations such as The Newstime, The Deccan Chronicle, The Business Standard, The Statesman, India News TV News channel and 365 Days TV. I served as senior political analyst with the British High Commission (Delhi) between 2005- 2008.

My job as a journalist and an employee of the Foreign Commonwealth Office (British High Commission) involved interaction with the top in policy making and government. I have reported extensively on the Bharatiya Janata Party, which went on to become the ruling party in 1998, The Congress, the Left parties and other parties that variously shape the country's economic and political thinking. I was known for my sharp observations, acuity of mind and in-depth analysis of the fast changing political developments. These weighed heavily when I was offered the job of senior political analyst by the British High Commission.

I have seen transition of various governments and have reported on six Indian Prime Ministers- PV Narasimha Rao, Atal Behari Vajpayee, HD Devegowda, IK Gujral, Atal Behari Vajpayee and Dr Manmohan Singh. During the tenure of Atal Behari Vajpayee, 1998-2004, I extensively reported on the Prime Minister's Office for The Statesman.

I have also come regularly on various Television news channels as a commentator on political news. I have anchored more than fifty discussions for All India Radio's FM news channel. These led to more informal interaction with policy makers and a peep into their insight and ideas that shape the decision making.

Even as MD of the publishing house, I had satisfaction of publishing books by eminent thinkers, academicians and policy makers. In a short time the publishing house became a popular brand. These days I have joined Legal profession and also contributing regularly to some English news magazines.