The WCRDE is an internationally renowned accreditation and membership organization for individuals, schools, institutions (colleges), universities, publications & regular, open & distance education community.

WCRDE is supporting all Government Education Systems, Norms, Regulations and Code of Ethics.

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To promote individuals, schools, institutions (colleges), universities, publication and Regular & Distance Education internationally & take whatever measures are necessary to this end.

To promote educational contact between all Universities, schools, institutions (colleges) and all publications electronic and print media.

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What is WCRDE Standard?

A WCRDE standard is a certificate that delivers requirements, provisions, strategies or physical appearance that can be used constantly to ensure that education products and services are suitable for their purpose. We published over 10 types of International Standards that can be purchased from the WCRDE or WCRDE agency.

What is WCRDE Standard?

The WCRDE Accreditation is a voluntary process which is officially certified body for educational sectors and also agreed standards and providing services of a reasonably good quality education.

Why WCRDE Certification is Essential for educational sector?

The WCRDE International Standards certify that education products and services are in good quality. For every education system, WCRDE is most important product and help to access good platform internationally.

WCRDE Certification Validation?

The WCRDE Accreditation is normally granted for a period of five years and is renewable.

Education System Standards-ESS

The WCRDE education system standard is a model that provides set up and working education system. All WCRDE education system standards outcome of global benefit of education and good practice.

The WCRDE standards can be functional to any education organization, large or small.

What are the Certificates Provided under WCRDE?

The WCRDE certificate are designed for the purpose to provide the quality standards internationally which will be undertaken certain process under Quality Education Systems QES.

The below certificates are provided under WCRDE as per the norms of Quality Standard.


The WCRDE/QES 9000 is the WCRDE certification standard number. This WCRDE standard provide tools for education organizations. WCRDE/QES 9000 includes different types of WCRDE standards.

  • 1. WCRDE/QES 9001: 2019 - University Accreditation (Regular Campus)
  • 2. WCRDE/QES 9002: 2019 - University Accreditation (Online/Distance)
  • 3. WCRDE/QES 9003: 2019 - Educational Institutions Accreditation (Higher Education)
  • 4. WCRDE/QES 9004: 2019 - School Accreditation (primary, secondary and higher secondary schools)
  • 5. WCRDE/QES 9005: 2019 - Publication/Periodical Accreditation (electronic and print media)
  • 6. WCRDE/QES 9006: 2019 - Individual Accreditation (professors/lecturers/teachers)
  • 7. WCRDE/QES 9007: 2019 - Computer Education Institutions Accreditation
  • 8. WCRDE/QES 9008: 2019 - Medical Institutions Accreditation
  • 9. WCRDE/QES 9009: 2019 - Laboratories Accreditation
  • 10. WCRDE/QES 9010: 2019 - Sports Education Institutions Accreditation